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Provides strategic direction for product, process and UX/CX improvement, digital best practices, modernization and ML/AI initiatives, technology adoption and implementation. Bridges and defines business unit stakeholder needs with IT implementation. Insightful thinker and idea guy. Works both independently and cross-functionally with C-Suite officers, department managers, vendors, contractors, colleagues and clients to solve IT issues, and facilitate innovation, best practices, and successful programme initiatives.

Successes include:

As Sallie Mae's Sr. Graphic Designer and Online Consumer Experience Architect, Dan shaped Internet and customer strategies for the $200B Fortune 500 financial services firm, including:

A former Media Analyst and Information Officer with the Canadian Government Department of Finance, Dan briefed the Federal Finance Minister, Prime Minister's Office and Minister for State daily on media reaction to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation, Finance Department programs, policies and initiatives.

As a Government of Canada Information Officer and member of the GST Communication Task Force, Dan facilitated its launch by fielding and answered questions about the Goods & Services Tax.

He is a skilled researcher with a keen interest in UX, data mining, AI, automation and search; and tirelessly champions his clients' and customers' success. Let’s work together!


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Covid Tracker

Summarize new daily Covid-19 cases in Alberta.

(Jupyter Notebook, Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn)


Includes examples of current and past projects, includes both tech work and beverage consulting.

(Python, Pandas, Solr, SQL, Microsoft Excel/Word, Apache Cocoon, Java, XML/XSLT/XPath, JS, Google Charts, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks)

Dan's Skills


Co-inventor of two USPTO business patents relating to XML technologies.

Familiarity with:



A man of high integrity and creativity. (Susan Spence, Vice-President, The New York Wine and Grape Foundation)

A passionate and creative contributor, focused on finding solutions for the business problems we bring to him. (Termeh Rassi, Manager, Web Strategy, Sallie Mae, Inc.)

An innovative and creative problem solver....Despite tight timelines, he delivered outstanding results. (Carole Ekker, Project Manager, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP)

An articulate and passionate advocate for the user experience. (Albert Lukban, Manager, E-Business Best Practices and Compliance, Sallie Mae, Inc.)

An exceptional employee, capable of far more than his duties entailed. (Kathy Brownlee, Registrations Supervisor, The University of Calgary)

Dan is an excellent communicator and builds positive professional relationships with lightening speed. I worked with him for a few months but felt like I had known him for years. He has an excellent technical IQ and quickly displays strong skills in analytics, facilitation, problem solving and communication. Dan provided immediate value to a team in need by quickly learning systems, managing tactical requirements and suggesting strategic improvements. I look forward to hopefully working with him again sometime in the future! (Kevin Graf, Procurement Advisor, Nutrien Ltd.)

Dan is a standout IT professional. He processes a deep understanding of various software, systems and technologies, which he adeptly applies to deliver outstanding results. Throughout our time working together, he consistently impressed me by his technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to excellence. He’s always eager to learn and stay updated on the latest advancements in the IT industry. I have no doubt that Dan will be a valuable addition to any team or organization. (Miko Yang, Data Analyst, Nutrien Ltd.)

In Nutrien, I have worked with Dan on SAP Fieldglass. I must say he is an excellent professional. He helped me understand the business processes and clearly articulated pain points encountered by Hiring Managers. I am impressed by his strategic improvement ideas and communication skills. He adapts to any given situation. I look forward to work with him again in future. (Yashwanth Kanikaram, SAP Consultant, Nutrien Ltd.)

In meeting Daniel, one is immediately struck by his warmth, courtesy and unimposing nature. Once you get to know Daniel, you quickly realize that your initial feelings were correct and that you are dealing with a man who is very bright, articulate and people-centered. He works very well on an independent basis though he is able to be successful in a team environment. He quickly grasps new ideas and procedures and acknowledges the assistance and help of his working colleagues. (Dr. Gary Krivy, Registrar, The University of Calgary)

On behalf of the GST Task Force, I would like to thank you for the excellent work you have done....You have been responsible, thorough, cheerful, and have always met your deadlines. The hours you worked were demanding and we are all grateful for your efforts which helped keep the Minister, members of his staff, members of the Task Force and Department well informed. (Barbara Uteck, Director of Operations, Government of Canada GST Communication Task Force)

Feedback from your presentation has been incredible...Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and wine knowledge with our customers, adding value to our products. (Susan Giacomin, Manager, Focus Wine & Spirit Merchants)

You were very committed and passionate about the products you were developing—you fully embraced ownership of any project I asked you [to] work on…. I didn't have to ask you to look into how we could improve our customer experience for our web sites; you would proactively bring me proposals about how to improve our online customer experiences. (Eric Bush, Director, e-Commerce Strategy, Sallie Mae, Inc.)

I commend you on your innovative idea and commitment to create an electronic forum that will help Albertans make informed choices for trustee…Your efforts show participatory democracy can mean more than running for office or voting. (The Honourable Gary M. Mar, Alberta Minister of Education)

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